Here is where I put my writing that is so niche or obsessive that I don't even try to pitch them. Okay, I pitched some. Okay, I pitched them all. Shut up!

How Sugar Pine 7 Changed Online Media
What does it mean to create something new? I think we can all agree nothing is original and we’re all just cobbling work from various usually undisclosed sources, but occasionally those sources can join with new opportunities to make something truly original, and exciting. In 2017, that was Steven Suptic’s Alternative Lifestyle, now known as Sugar Pine 7.



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Why Do All Crime Novel Covers Look The Same?
Does following a marketing formula guillotine the opportunity for creativity, or is it the only way to make some actual sales?



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How God Of War Nailed Cinematic Gameplay
Santa Monica Studio's latest Spartan epic shows us a great lesson in storytelling in games: to make it cinematic, you don't have to make it cinema.



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